Biofilm remove

Innovative solutions in the detection, control and
elimination of biofilms in the food industry.

Biofilm REMOVE is the result of different research and development projects carried out by a group of companies and institutions formed by ITRAM HIGIENE, UAB (Universidad Autónoma of Barcelona), ALINYMA, and different technology centers.

BIOFILM REMOVE is the meeting point where we have exchanged experiences, knowledge and teamwork integrating different levels of knowledge, experiences and skills. The addition and integration of knowledge gives us the ability to offer our clients an innovative, global and highly specialized solution. The sum of individual values gives a greater collective value.

Our goal is to provide innovative solutions in the detection and elimination of biofilms in the food and pharmaceutical industry.

BIOFILM REMOVE today has products that provide effective scientifically proven solutions for the elimination of grouping microorganisms and biofilms. We continue to research and grow in knowledge and experience and hope to continue to present solutions that adapt to each of the different needs of the industry.

The aim of our work is to find antibiofilms molecules produced naturally for the development of sanitizing products, i.e. replace traditional chemicals and obtain highly biodegradable and less aggressive products. In this way, the industries protect the environment, the health of the cleaning personnel, their facilities, and increase the safety of the workplace, while ensuring the hygiene of their facilities.

Why use enzyme products?

Biofilms are invisible to the naked eye, but can be detected and eliminated.


The presence of biofilms on work surfaces during food processing is one of the main causes of their contamination. Biofinder immediately and effectively reveals contaminated areas and the use of enzymatic products allows us to eradicate the problem.


Biofinder has been tested in the most common pathogenic microorganisms in the food industry (Listeria monocytogenes, Salmonella spp., Escherichia coli), so its use allows us to detect possible sources of contamination and avoid toxic food infections.


Naturally produced antibiofilms molecules allow us to replace traditional chemicals and obtain new highly biodegradable and less aggressive products.


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