CIP Circuits

Enzymatic treatment for CIP circuits



ENZYCIP is a non-foaming enzymatic treatment specially formulated for the control and elimination of biofilms of the agro-alimentary industry, sanitary networks and collectivities.

It can be applied in closed circuits such as “CIP” systems (pipes, tanks, circuits) or by immersion/soaking.

It Is used alone or, in cases of severe contamination, it can be potentiated with BIOCIP enzyme concentrate.


Non-foaming detergent specially formulated for the control and elimination of biofilms in CIP systems.

TENSIO CIP is always used in conjunction with BIO CIP, which when combined act effectively to facilitate the elimination of biofilms.

Its formula based on the combination of surfactants confers a great cleaning capacity without degrading the materials thanks to its neutral pH.


Concentrated enzyme mix specially designed for the elimination of biofilms in CIP facilities in the agro-alimentary, pharmaceutical, chemical, sanitary and collectivity industries.

BIO CIP is used in conjunction with TENSIO CIP which, when combined, act effectively to facilitate the elimination of biofilms.

Its high concentration allows a great efficiency with a low dosage, being able to adjust the costs of the antibiofilms treatments.


The range of ENZYBAC sanitizing detergents are enzymatic detergents with natural extracts specially formulated for the control and elimination of biofilms in food industry installations and communities in one single step (more detergent and disinfection).

Antibiofilm treatment to be applied in closed systems type “CIP” (pipes, tanks, circuits) or by immersion/flood. It Is used alone or can be enhanced with BIOCIP enzyme concentrate.


BioFinder CIP technology enables the detection of biofilms in piping in an efficient and reliable way at a very initial stage. BioFinder CIP is a new sensor that detects the electrochemical activity produced by the bacteria in proportion to the surface covered by them. By the time the BioFinder CIP detects the growth of biofilm inside the pipeline, the system can automatically send a signal to start the pipe cleaning treatment. Biofilm cleaning treatments should be applied as soon as bacteria begin to appear on the piping surfaces as it is much more difficult and expensive to treat a mature biofilm compared to a biofilm in an incipient phase.



Once the biofilms are eliminated by means of shock treatments, it is recommended to include in the hygiene protocols, cleaning with ENZY CIP periodically to obtain a high level of hygiene and to prevent the reappearance or formation of Biofilms.


An antibiofilm shock treatment can be applied in the cleaning of CIP systems by circulating or flooding circuits, tanks and pipes. These treatments are applied when there are problems of biofilms in the installation.

Advantages of our Products

Do not contain phosphates
Do not contain boric
18-month lifespan

  • They act at pH neutral
  • They improve cleaning efficiency
  • They are Not corrosive to the material of the surfaces
  • Low risk of exposure to the operator
  • Its composition is easily biodegradable
  • They eliminate biofilms efficiently
  • Once the biofilms have been eliminated, they prevent their reappearance and dispersion
  • Avoid expensive pollution and prevent undesirable problems, both health and technology
  • They activate the purification processes of the waters, thanks to their continuous action in later phase
  • They are not considered to be dangerous products for the environment, according to the current legislation

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