BIOFILME REMOVE is the result of a research and development project carried out by a group of companies and institutions including ITRAM HIGIENE, the Autonomous Universitiy of Barcelona (UAB), ALINYMA, LEITAT Technological Center, and the Canadian firm PHARMAX Limited.

BIOFILM REMOVE provides the meeting place to exchange experiences, know-how and group work, incorporating different levels of expertise, experiences and skills. The combination of knowledge affords us the opportunity to offer our customers innovative, global and totally specialized solutions. The combination of individual values leads to greater collective values.

Our aim is to provide innovative solutions for the detection and removal of biofilms in the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry.

At present, BIOFILM REMOVE offers products which provide effective and scientifically proven solutions for the removal of groups of microorganisms and biofilms. BIOFILM REMOVE continues doing research and gaining more know-how and experience, and aims to continue offering adaptable solutions to the changing needs in the industry.

BIOFILM REMOVE is present in different countries by means of a network of distributors. Besides, a joint venture with PHARMAX Limited makes BIOFIM REVOME’s technology available in the North American market thanks to the Toronto based BIOFILM REMOVE AMERICA.

Pharmax Limited is a Canadian pharmaceutical manufacturing company that specializes in liquid chemistries for infection prevention and control in healthcare settings. Over the past decade, the company’s research and development know‐how has enabled Pharmax to offer solutions for many of the leading causes of cross‐infections.

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